At HydroSA, we are intensely focused on the economic and social development that our projects can bring to the local communities.


A total of 171 jobs will be created during the twenty month construction period of the Neusberg Weir at Kakamas. Of these, 156 jobs will be for South African citizens, and the majority of unskilled labour will be sourced from the local Kakamas community.

In addition, the project has committed to spending 78% of its procurement on South African goods and services.

It is envisaged that the Kakamas Community Trust will invest R62 million in the local community across the twenty-year lifespan of the Power Purchase Agreement. These funds will be utilised to assist with social, educational and small business projects within the community.

The Trustees of the Community Trust obtained funding from the Developer to provide the community with much needed provisions over the Christmas holiday season in 2013.  The Trust provided Emmanuel House with supplies to donate food parcels for 100 local families.  Emmanuel House also runs a recycling programme whereby children in the community receive items, such as stationary, in exchange for various goods brought in for recycling. To this end the Trust was able to provide enough basic stationary for 200 children to start the 2014 school year.

In addition, a year end lunch was held for 70 pensioners who are a part of a seniors group in the Lutzville community. The attendees were also treated to a “Santa’s Shoe Box” gift containing a few necessities and a something special for each person.

Kakamas Hydro Electric Power | HydroSA | Corporate Social Investment

Christmas presents for local families

Kakamas Hydro Electric Power | HydroSA | Corporate Social Investment

Local children receiving gifts at a Christmas function