HydroSA (Pty) Ltd was established in 2007 and is a South African owned and operated hydro electric company. Our core business is to develop run-of-river hydro projects in southern Africa.

HydroSA projects do not resemble conventional hydro electric facilities at all. Instead, our facilities divert only a portion of stream flow, leaving plenty of water to protect fish and wildlife, as well as allow for recreational uses. In addition, our set ups allow high water flows to pass freely downstream and perform important ecosystem functions. In essence, a run-of-river hydro electric facility, uses the drop in elevation and the flow of a stream as it naturally occurs to generate electricity. This type of facility therefore requires little or no reservoir capacity for water storage, ie we do not build dams.

HydroSA, along with our partner Hydro Tasmania, recently completed construction of the Kakamas Hydro Electric Power (KHEP) project. This is a 10MW hydro project on the Orange River at the Neusberg weir near Kakamas, and was awarded under the SA Department of Energy REIPPP programme.

In total, HydroSA currently has 80MW of projects under development.