Kakamas Hydro Electric Power – Neusberg Weir

Kakamas Hydro Electric Power (Pty) Ltd (KHEP), is a consortium comprised of HydroSA, Hydro Tasmania, Old Mutual and the Kakamas Community Trust. KHEP was awarded preferred bidder status in Round 2 of the REIPP Program in May 2013. Construction commenced in July 2013 and was completed in January 2015.

The project is a run-of-river hydro power station that uses the natural flow and drop in elevation of a river to produce electricity. It is located at the Neusberg weir approximately 12km east of the town of Kakamas.

KHEP will generate 71.9 GWh of base load energy per year, enough to provide power to approximately 5 000 households.

The 10 MW Neusberg Hydro Electric Power Project consists of:

  • An offtake weir and 130m of inlet canal

  • An inlet structure fitted with a radial gate

  • 1400 m of open canal waterway

  • A reinforced concrete forebay structure

  • A partially buried powerhouse

  • 300 m long tailrace canal

  • A 21km long 33 kV transmission line to the Eskom distribution network.

The powerhouse is run by three 4.01MW horizontal axis Kaplan turbines which have been installed in the turbine chamber. The turbine chamber has no above ground superstructure. Access for large equipment to the machine floor is through a service hatch in the roof, which is at ground level.

The Neusberg Hydro Electric Project will be operated remotely from Hydro Tasmania’s Control Centre in Tasmania.